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Terms of Use

PHXSERVICES.COM Terms of Use (Terms of Use) that rules the website use on and the 

successor (collectively, the Site) by You and  by those that act on PHX s name.

The signature on a printed version of these Terms of Use or the acceptance  or a view or the use of the Site by you or by those that act on 

his name following all terms and conditions provided  on these Terms of Use. All the following references to “you” or “your” refer to you and anyone that act in your name.

Phoenex Cargo Agenciamento de Carga Aérea Ltda is the website owner and can change or modify these Terms of Use on any moment and from time to time, with or without previous notice and for any reason. Your website view or subsequent   use, It   will  form   your agreement with such alterations and/or modifications

Additional terms and conditions referred or provided on these terms of use   and on the whole site, rule the use of the functions, resources,  informations,  applications,  services and specific products available on the website.

The Site is operated for the benefit of  Phoenex Cargo Agenciamento de Carga Aérea Ltda and their clients and those who act on the name of such clients.  Each reference of  “PHX clients “ are related to the current and potential  clients (as appropriate) of any or all PHX Companies, and those who are acting in the name of such clientes


The website is accessible for the use of current PHX clients in connection with the delivery transportation, allowing them to Interact with the company.  The site is also a reference source to our clients, providing informations about many services and available products. It is forbidden the Site use for any other person or entity, to any other purpose . None of the PHX Companies, or the respective shareholders, directors,   executives,  employees,  agents,  third-parties,  representatives or lawyers, assume any obligation or responsibility for such forbidden use.

It is strictly forbidden any access to the site to obtain informations through the devices or automated consultation programs. Use or try to use the site to compete with PHX or to interfere on their business, It is also strictly forbidden

PHX does not accept ideas, concepts, or techniques to new services or products, through the site. If such informations are received, It will not be considered confidential or owner, and PHX is free to use, communicate and explore such informations in any case


PHX can, with absolute and sole discretion, discontinue,  suspend  or modify the access of any other website user or any part of It,  at any time,  with or without a previous warning,  by any reason


PHX can add resources and services to the Site for the clients use or can change the  existent resources and services.  PHX can do the    such  additions and changes at any time, once in a while, with or without a previous warning,  by any reason.  The view or the subsequent  site use will constitute the agreement with the mentioned additions and changes


PHX can, with absolute and sole discretion,  at any time,  once in a while,  with or without previous warning,  by any reason,  change or update the site,  and change and update or exclude any content that appears or that is accessible on the site or through it,  including,   with no limitation,  informations,  graphics,  services,  products,  resources,  functionality and links  (collectively,  the “Content”)


The site and their content are protected by the copyright laws,  registered trademarks and other Brasil and International Laws. All the rights on the and for the site and the content are reserved. To allow the site access,  PHX does not transmit to anybody any property right on the site or any other content.  You receive the a limited license to reproduce the Content on your computer with the goal of access the site and use the resources and services that are accessible. You can receive the license to print the informations that appears on the screen of your computer during the use of the resources and services of the site. No other permission is granted, by no means,  to download,  modify, reproduce, use, copy or distribute the Content

PHX logotype and trademark services, are  service brands registered by PHX, and It is been forbidden their use.  Other trademarks and  service brands  that appear on the Content,  are properties of the corresponding owners


The site and the content are  provided “as They are”,   without any guarantee,  explicit or implicit,   including ,  with no limitation, trading guarantees,   adequacy to a certain end,  title  and non-infringement, related to the website and such content or the ability or inability to use the website and the content. You must be aware that the website use and the content is at your own risk.  Nether  PHX and nor any of the respective   shareholders,  advisors,  directors, employees,  agents,  freelances,  representatives or solicitors are responsible for you or any other person or entity that may complain for you due to any direct or indirect ,  consequent,  fortuitous  damage or other damages,  under any law theory related to mistakes,  use or the impossibility of the website use or any other  content,  including, with no limitation,  damages or profit losses, due to the loss of business or the loss of the data  or damages on any computer system, even though you had warned PHX or any one of its shareholders,  advisors,  directors, employees,  agents,  freelances, representatives or solicitors regarding this damage possibility


You release and agree to compensate or exempt PHX of the respective shareholders, directors, executives employees,  agents,  freelances , representatives and lawyers , of any and all reclamations, demands, including  reasonable lawyer’s fees,  under these terms of use,  or the site use and access to  its contente


The terms and conditions to use the PHX transportation services are defined by the following: (collectively, “Transportation Conditions”)

a) the complete PHX transportation conditions, regularly amended , are here  incorporated by this reference and did their share

b) the air waybill that accompanies the respective shipment offered to be transported by PHX;  and 

c) PHX rate that It is applied where the shipment is offered to be transported or another kind of   rate that is agreed by PHX and the shipper to send such shipment,  according to regular amendment

The transportation conditions can be changed by at any time from time to time,  with or without previous warning or for any other reason.

The view and subsequent use of the Site, requesting the transport for a shipment,  offering a shipment to be transported  and/or signed an air waybill,  It will constitute the agreement with such amendment.  The current version of PHX General Transportation Conditions will control any conflict with an HAWB, rate or any informations,  resources or provided services by the Site ,   that may happen.  Nothing on this term of use will be considered by PHX as an agreement to provide any transportation service.  It is understood that,   nevertheless, anything that was stablished here,  any complaint related to a shipment, or on the other hand resulting from the Transportation Conditions, It will be determined according to the Transportation Conditions


The site can,  from time to time,  include links that allow you to visit sites of property or operated by other parts that are not PHX. These sites and companies which they belong to,  are not controlled or related to PHX.  PHX does not make any  statement or guarantee or assume any obligation or responsibility related to any information,  products or services provided or available on such sites or the quality or the acceptability of any person or entity that offers informations,  products or services, or on the other hand referred to on any of these sites. PHX does not test or make statements about the accuracy,  performance or quality of any software found on these sites.  If you access  a site that It is not PHX property,  It will be at your own risk


You assume all the responsibility for the compliance of  all Brazilian  laws and regulations and of any other country from which you may access the site ,  this is related to the access,  use, exportation,  re-exportation or importation of any Content that appears or that is available on the Site.  You are aware and agree that You will not export,  re-export,  or import any Content to any country to which the exportation,  re-exportation or importation be restricted under the Brazilian laws and regulations,  that you are not original from any other country of this kind, and the Content will be not used on the conception,  development or production of nuclear,  chemical or biological weapons.

You assume that all the responsibility of the use of any information,  resources,  or services through the site or from PHX


These terms of use and the use of the Site and its Content are ruled and interpreted according to the Brazilian laws,    excluding the conflict of the legal provisions. Any legal action related to the Site,  or Content or Use Terms of Use,  must be stablished within one year after the complaint or the cause for  the legal action had been increased had been impeded  and must he taken to the Competent Court of jurisdiction in the headquarter company town.  If any provision on these Terms of Use was considered total or partial invalidate or unenforceable by any  Competent Court  of jurisdiction,  these Terms of Use  will be ineffective,  as far as, such invalidation or unenforceable will not invalidate the remaining terms,  of these Terms of Use.  These Terms of Use can not be changed or modified without the written PHX agrément


PHX appreciates your comments,  ideas  and suggestions, but  It is not possible to reply each individual comment.  PHX can use and act about submitted information

All the informations provided to PHX by the website pages visitors are considered confidential and will be not  posted to third parties by PHX,  unless,    when It is necessary the provision of services.